Surface Unit (Model SUT-400)

To Prevent and Remove Corrosion, Scale and Paraffin deposition on the surface production facilities, tanks, pipelines, and injection wells, Production Separator, Oil transfer station , Water Injection Satation, Cooling waters towers , Boiler stations Steam Turbines or Generators and many other applications, CIS developed the Surface Unit SUT-400

The surface units are custom made designed and built to match the user application. CIS currently has systems in service around the world treating flows from few gallons per day to large facilities handling 20,000 – 40,000 bbls per day and pressures up to 8000 psi and greater.


The surface unit consists of an outside housing which contains an inside cartridge pf perforated plates. This unique cartridge of plates is  constructed of a patented metal alloy. As fluids enter the surface unit housing, it is directed through these perforated plates. 

The surface unit and plate hole design assure fluid entering the tool will have full contact with this metal alloy, resulting in a polarization effect at the electron level altering the characteristics that prevent the built up of paraffin (wax), scale and corrosion.

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