Downhole Unit (Model DHU-500)

To  Prevent and Remove subsurface Corrosion, Scale and Paraffin deposition inside well casing and tubing strings, CIS developed the Downhole unit DHU-500

Inflowing or pumping wells, the produced fluid enters the tool throught the outer holes, causing streams or jets of flow to bombard the alloy walls of the annular chamber and center inserts. Electrons from the walls will react with molecules of the producing fluids, altering the physical characteristics which otherwise clog tubing and impede the upward flow of the produced fluids. The treated produced fluids pass through the tubing string to the surface.

The tool DHU-500 can be easily installed in most all well configurations and flow conditions. In flowing and gas lifted wells, the tool can be run and set using a wireline unit. Therefore killing the well and pulling the well setting is not require. In rod pumped and electric Submersible Pumped wells, the wells setting must be pulled. The tool is installed below the pump at the pump inlet.

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