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Inhibitor System

Corrosion Inhibitor System has developed a revolutionary , patented technology which inhibit the formation of Scale, Corrosion, Paraffin and Asphaltene in petroleum fluids. The tool alters the Chemical Reaction Equations for Scale formation, metal Corrosion, Paraffin (wax) depositon and Asphaltene .

Comprised of nine dissimilar metals the tool acts as a catalyst which enables a change in the electrostatic potential within the reaction equations. This change in electrostatic potential produces a polarization effect at the electron level of molecules. This polarization effect on the molecules in petroleum fluid solutions prevents scale formation, corrosion of metal, paraffin wax deposition and asphaltene.

NOT a magnet, does NOT create a magnetic field, requires NO electricity and chemicals , is NOT a sacrifice Anode.

Currently CIS-Tools are being employed worldwide on some of the most difficult well and production problems. Both major oil companies and small independents agree that the CIS-Tools uses cutting edge technology for Petroleum Fluid Treatment.

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